Paula Pratt

Counselling & Therapy - Yoga & Sound - Reiki & Tarot

Let the love flow with Reiki ...

A 'laying on of hands' is found in ancient cultures across the world, and it is said that Dr Mikao Usui rediscovered reiki whilst on a mission to explore the miracles and healings of Jesus.

I believe that reiki energy is available to us all - we instinctively rub our sore heads or stomachs with our hands, we reach out to comfort a wee one with a sore knee after a fall.

My formal training to amplify my connection with reiki healing began in Aberdeen, continued in South Goa and ended in Glastonbury. My ongoing training with this healing and transformative energy continues daily, as I gratefully work with it to prepare the space and myself for client work, ceremony and ritual.

For a reiki healing session I will invite you to arrive at my Therapy Room in loose, comfortable clothing and will get you settled on my therapy table. We may work with affirmation, sound, crystals and incense to create a space that feels comforting and nurturing for you.

During the session I will invite you to close your eyes, soften your body and allow your breath to flow freely as I place my hands over and around your body and head.

Some people 'see' colours and visions during reiki healing, others feel heat and tingling. Everyone feels relaxed and rested.

Where are you in the Tarot ... ?

I’ve been working with Tarot and Oracle cards for five years and find it an insightful and illuminating way of accessing our subconscious and intuition, a wonderful tool of divination and reflection.

Through our reactions to the images of the cards, as well as the standard symbology and how the story emerges from the order and relationship between the cards, we're encouraged to realise how we really feel about ourselves, our relationships and the situations in our lives.

The whole of the human condition is depicted in the cards, as well as the elements of nature and archetypes. The cards provide a snapshot in time and a very personal reflection for what we are happy to have confirmed, and sometimes what we don't want to face.

You are welcome to visit my Therapy Room in Aberdeenshire or we can arrange to meet on Zoom for a 90 minute session diving deep into your hopes, dreams and fears - we do the reading together, in collaboration.

As a qualified Counsellor and Yoga Teacher with six years of experience we will also consider the mind and body in your reading and I will make suggestions for support and healing in your journey.

I can assure full privacy and confidentiality in our session and will send through images of the cards, the interpretations and any other links or documents for follow-up.